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[Old Info] Whispers Species Sheet by northwestspiritwolf

[Old Info] Whispers Species Sheet


A general reference to anything concerning my species, few known subspecies and their world as well as terms referring to gender as well as DOs and DON'Ts with my species.

This sheet is outdated.
The info shown and below is pending a complete rework and updating.
-- Some traits are subject to discontinuation, rarity change or subspecies only

-- NOTICE [1/10/18]: Due to the recent loss of the journal concerning Partial Species Rights, contact me if you have Partial rights to Whispers. I'll either refund what you paid or work out something.
--- As of right now, the permission to create Whispers by Partial Species Right holders is On Hold until Further Notice

Species Status:
Whispers are a 100% Closed Species

To Partial Rights Holders to Whispers:
-- Also, to the two people, who have partial rights to my species, please wait until new info is posted before continuing to make future adopts/characters.
-- Only Partial Rights Holders:
heavenlycondemned & PinkuShika
-- The rules concerning 'ownership of partial species rights', laid down by KingofMaggots must be followed. No Exceptions will be made!!
--- Original Rules about Holding Partial Species Rights
--- As stated in those rules, I have the right to ban you from my species if I catch you abusing your use of your partial species rights.
---- (Examples: Breaking ANY of the rules already laid down by original creator, such as Selling designs for more than $15-$20 OR Giving the base to someone, who didn't buy partial species rights from me directly.)
---- If you have a character/design of the species, you don't want to keep anymore, please contact me first before attempting to resell/trade the character.
---- You're NOT allowed to make the Rare/Very Rare Whispers. Mini or Fae Whispers are Closed until new info is posted.

Old Info:

Species Name:
-- Whisp (Singular)
-- Whispers (Plural)
-- Dreary Heart (Scientific)

Known Info:
-- Whispers are a type of dragonic spirit, They lurk around people with depressions and sad feelings to feed off of that energy.
-- Whispers do not need to flap their wings, as they float around, they use their wings to steer/glide.
-- Whispers can not be killed by natural causes, thus not giving them a certain lifespan.
-- Whispers have very mixed personalities, some would help others, other Whispers would rather kill people.
-- Whispers are elemental spirits, Though they are commonly known to use fire/electricity.
-- Whispers can go trough walls and objects, as they are like ghosts. (This is at will only)
-- Whispers can be seen by anyone unless they 'hide.'
-- When a Whisper is hiding, only those who'm are going to die soon or young children will be able to see them, in which case the Whisper will appear to be emitting light.
-- When you are not dying soon or a child and you see a whisper they will look regular.
-- They have soft smooth skin, like that of a dolphin
-- Whispers can touch you, but you may only be able to touch it back if It allows you.
-- Whispers can swap their gender at will, so they do not have a set gender.
-- Whispers do not mate for reproduction (they are known to do so for pleasure though)
-- A new Whisper is born when a child dies in an unfortunate way. (hence the name Dreary Heart.)
-- They thank their names due to the fact that they are drawn to the dreary mood of people, they come to those that need help, when a Whisper is done feeding the person it was feeding off on usually feels better.
-- Some Whispers may act like poltergeists and pester others to make depressions/sadness worse. so they do not have to find new food and can keep feeding off of one person.
-- Whispers can be kept as pets, and tend to be friendly
-- Whispers make very soft melodic tunes (think of the chirping noises you make in the game journey)
-- They can however speak, but have very soft voices and it's hard to hear them.
-- Whisper bodies can have gems on them, they are only decorative and might have served a greater purpose long ago but became useless in modern days.
-- Whispers use their gills to absorb the energy of sad emotions
-- Whispers are capable of eating normal food, but only take small amounts and have a liking towards sweetness.

Type Specific Info:
-- Raindrop and Rough Whispers are the most common
---- Raindrop Whispers are soft and squishy all over
---- Rough Whispers tend to have scales and their facial tendrils can be hard like ram horns
-- Mini Whispers are the same as Raindrops and Roughs, but are less commonly born.
---- Mini whispers do not grow taller then 4 feet, and are the smallest of their kind.
-- Fae and Flare whispers are intelligent and tend to feed off of other emotions rather then sad ones.
---- Fae Whispers tend to feed off of joy
---- Flare Whispers tend to feed off of Vanity
-- Tendril Whispers are likely the biggest of Whispers as they can grow up to 9 feet tall.
---- They live around the sea, and are known to act like sirens, luring ships into the cliffs to sink them.
---- Tendril Whispers eat the souls of sailors and pirates.
-- Imperial Whispers are feathered all over, and are said to be sent by their gods to watch over the people like prophets. they do not feed on sadness unlike the other whispers.
---- Imperials are usually surrounded by Royal Whispers, and live in small closed societies.

Whispers: species & all rights (c) me - magrunemoon & northwestspiritwolf
Original creator of Species & artwork by KingofMaggots

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