football baby by Norr

football baby


26 January 2016 at 19:02:09 MST

I'm pretty sure that's not how babies work.
besides they are shit at football.

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    Why has she not tossed this jackass in a ditch somewhere yet>?

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      Maybe because he's not a jackass, and he's just a dude who thinks differently than you, and she loves him?

      Maybe not.

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        Have you read the other comics with this guy?

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          I guess I'm just not the sort of person to take four or five instances of prickliness and use them to generalise one's entire character.

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    I'd tell him that if he really wants to be a mother, perhaps science could help him with that.

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    i'm just catching up on these and i hate the guy so much haha

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    I bet he has mummified nuts for how he acts all the time. These heteros can be scary but kind of funny in a sense. But his humor dives dark like playing a violent game when shiz gets reall son.

    I love and hate this guy but your comics complete the mean with the good gold humor awkward tapioca panels so I'm game with this.....kind of!