Fried chicken wrangler by noone (critique requested)

Fried chicken wrangler (critique requested)


20 May 2016 at 23:07:52 MDT

"Nothing gets between me and my fried chicken!" Aric says as he hefts his stomach up and takes it on a walk. Russ didn't think he could still do it, but somehow Aric managed to heave himself out of yet another cleared-out restaurant and thunderously waddle back to the car. Although if the engorged feline could even wedge himself behind the steering wheel at this point was another matter entirely. But as he'd said, nothing gets between him and his fried chicken, and there were still restaurants in this town who weren't sold out. Russ just wished the he'd stop somewhere and buy a functioning shirt at some point.

I guess I'm going to start posting things here now...?

Partially my work this time! Although I only did the coloring/chading. The linework was done by the fantastic Bodbloat! And shading was done with a lot of very helpful input from Sugarboy! Any criticism would be very helpful. I definitely need to push the shadows further and focus more on using highlights, but I'm a bit of a coward. Largely I need to sit down and actual study how shadows work for a while, but either way I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Even still, and feedback on how to improve would be most helpful.

Linework by Bodbloat! Original:
Coloring/shading/character by Noone! :D

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    Lovely belly

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      I'm glad you like it! :3