Ten and the TARDIS by Noodle

Ten and the TARDIS


1 March 2013 at 01:34:42 MST

Oh god this took me so long to complete! This is for an upcoming convention book for a convention I am not even going to but I'd love to go to called "Fur the 'More"! It's in April and the theme is Time Travel.

Irimie kindly asked me if I'd like to do some artwork for it because of my love for Doctor Who and of course I wanted to!! I just have this issue where I set the bar over my head for print things and then freak out until the last minute to get them done. XD I honestly think I drew 30 different thumbnails and 10 different sketches until I even had an idea I was cool with for this.

The con book is in greyscale so I did the artwork in greyscale to make sure it would come out the same way as the actual artwork when printed. I ended up with the clearest two elements, the Doctor (10th, my fave), and the TARDIS to make sure there was no confusion as to what was going on (some of my thumbails of other ideas definitely had this issue.) The pose wasn't actually referenced this time (although I referenced the hands poses off of webcam photos of mine) however the TARDIS was practically traced off of reference to make sure everything was straight and to scale. (I have horrible issues with drawing inorganic objects.) Oh and I looked at 103904239432 different photos of David Tennant to make sure it had resemblance of course as well (not just because I always look at 103903294290323 pictures of him.. >.>)

...I don't know why I am explaining all my process on this, does anyone find this interesting? lol.

ANYWAY, I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT. I am really pleased with how this came out in comparison with the image in my head and my thumbnails of this idea. :E

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    AUGH!!!! THIS IS FANTASTIC!!!!!! The lighting and shading are DELICIOUS!!! It has so much depth, it looks amazing!!! I really like the bold lines too! His expression is AWESOME!!! I love how his mouf looks in particular X3c also his hairs and eaaarrrrrsssss~~~~ I envy your clothing drawing abilites for real ;3; it looks touchable and I the wrinkles all look PERFECT! Also, nice leg placement with that light there ;D lol

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      Lol yeah with the pose I had to make sure I didn't make that look like a dick... XD I also didn't want the lighting to be coming from HIS CROTCH so I made the decision to make it look like the lamp was off. haha..well also why would it be on if he was on top of it, I'd hope the TARDIS wouldn't drive away with him sitting on top.... BUT AUGHH THANK YOU SO MUCH for the comments!! You picked out everything I was focusing on with this! <3

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        Ahahahaha! XD Well, you really did an excellent job! OMFG, the TARDIS driving off with him on top is for another picture~~~~ LOL Awwww!!! OMG YAAAYYY!!!! Well, your hard work really shows!!! ^_____^ <33333

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    ALSO!!!! I enjoy reading about your process!!!! YAAAYYYY!!!! 8D

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      Yayyy, thank youuuuu! c: