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Ref Sheet ~ Mela (Lost Legends) by Nivularium

Ref Sheet ~ Mela (Lost Legends)


31 March 2020 at 16:28:18 MDT

= This post is subject to updates = [Last updated 12/12/21; new image]

[This reference and info is specific to the Lost Legends canon where applicable]

As the only daughter of the town's head shaman, Mela learned patience and understanding at a very early age, always doing her best to be supportive and compassionate. Her and Rocy's families had long been friends, since their fathers were children, so the two spent a lot of time together. Mela found feelings for Rocy as they came of age, but her attempts to connect were often spurned, as the lynx saw the older girl only as competition, stealing the spotlight she rightfully deserved. Mela's feelings cooled with time, as she came to realize Rocy's nature, though she still sees her as her bone-headed friend.

When the time came, the voice of fire spoke and granted her its magic. She took to it immediately, able to summon and control flames right away, well before her training would have allowed. The reason became clear a few years later when it was discovered she had Fi's Blessing, a rare and powerful type of fire magic that burns brighter, hotter and can flow like water.

She's very curious and insightful, and loves to learn. As such, she's conversationally fluent in Common, and she knows a fair bit about other cultures and races, often incorporating aspects into her worldview or aesthetics. She's also subtly playful and enjoys a good tease, usually innocent, but depending on how she knows the person it may be more suggestive. All this is tempered with a deep respect for boundaries and personal space.

The details of how Mela met Niv aren't well known at present, but they've been happily married for a few years.

Fioans & Lost Legends (C) Elray
Art & Character (C) Nivulus 2020

==Notes on anatomy==

Northern Fioans have four fingers and digitigrade legs with three toes (Southern Fioans are more typically humanoid). Because of the way I draw these, I haven't really worked out how to do all that yet, in a way that doesn't look bad. This is further complicated by Ray not following his own designs like a ding-dong. I really wanted to post these, and I update them anyway, so here it is.