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August Commissions [ CLOSED ] by NikkyVix

August Commissions [ CLOSED ]


You can find my works at:
@NikkyVix on Twitter | NikkyVix on FurAffinity


Commission block for three items is OPEN! This's intentionally short just to work my rusty muscles back into taking on work, so be prepared for another block once this one's good and done!

All done! Thank you, everyone!

With the load of work I've added one extra slot, so three slots will are limited up to Soft Color work tops. The fourth, fully open to all options in case of one fully illustrated piece.

Slot 1 [Line thru Soft]: ScarletCinder [ Drafting ]
Slot 2 [Line thru Soft]: Rovoska [ Adjusting Draft ]
Slot 3: [Line thru Soft]: Azrien [ Complete ]

Slot 4 [Line thru Illustration]: ZWerewolf [ Drafting ]


If you're interested then please check my Terms of Service and the Commission Info page cooked up for this opening for breakdown of the process and pricing scheme, will and won't draw, contact, etc.!

48 hours have passed. The form for submitting an idea is now closed! As of 7:30pm EDT, Monday August 14th.

I am accepting only one idea per client.

I'll try to respond to everyone to confirm receipt, as well as those chosen once all entries are in. If you've any questions, feel free to message below or send me a PM and I'll answer as best I can.

Looking forward to those grand ideas that come my way, and above all: Thank you for your time and submissions, I hope to work with you folk to make something wonderful! :)

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