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Arts Versus Sciences by NikkyVix

Arts Versus Sciences


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“…so that covers the general possible points of divergence. It’s interesting, your reality doesn’t seem to have any SINGLE particular separation point, and actually bears multiple notable historical parallels, despite being wholly unique. The fact that you actually even exist at all given this multi-point relationship is fascinating, literally a one-in-infinity occurrence, so I’m going to use you as an anchor point and see about mapping back to see if it traces to any of the other major break points in- hey!”

The azure-tinted mephit broke off her line of logic as her hue-divergent doppelganger casually plucked the stylus from her grasp and held it out of reach, turning it over a few times in her fingers. “Maybe later. You’ve been interviewing me about history and dates and places and stuff for the last hour, and while it’s very cute how excited you are about all of it, WE are taking a break from that before my brain glazes over.” Lysse stated firmly, leaning forward from her seat atop Lydia’s lab bench. “I think it’s my turn to ask you some stuff.”

Lydia had, thus far, catalogued over two million parallel realities, ranging from empty voids, to fantastical physics-breaking realms that hurt to think about, but this instance was the first that actually contained an alternate version of herself, and as much as she wanted to keep driving this train of thought at full speed, she did have to accept that, identical DNA aside, Lysse was a decidedly different person, and didn’t share quite the same level of enthusiasm about certain scientific pursuits. “Fine. I suppose this is an exchange of ideas after all.” She huffed, trying to stifle an expression of mild annoyance.

Lysse patted Lydia’s shoulder. “Good girl, learning how to share. Let me think…” she tapped the stylus against her chin. “…when you order a hot dog, what do you put on it?”

“…you’ve just found out there are other realities with an alternate version of yourself, and the first thing you ask pertains to condiment preferences.”

“YES. That’s how you really learn about people. And if you’re one of those relish weirdos, we can’t be friends.”

“…ketchup and mustard, probably about a 60/40 ratio.”

“Classic, if still overtly nerdy. I can still respect that though. Can you drive stick shift?”

“…yes, with difficulty. Not really sure where you’re going with this line of...”

“Shhhh. Still my turn. Why don’t you do artsy stuff like I do?”

“Because we’re different people with different experiences-“

“No, I’m not asking for theories, I’m asking why YOU don’t seem to have so much as a paintbrush in your home.”

Lydia pursed her lips “…probably because all of my forced attempts at freehand drawing in school either looked terrible to me or turned into a three-view schematic, which got me the first ‘F’ I ever saw for ‘not properly expressing myself’, whatever the hell that means.”

“HA! I knew there was some deep-rooted reason that big left brain of yours turned out the way it did.” Lysse gleefully ruffled Lydia’s hair. “No more digging up childhood trauma, I promise. Alright, most important question. Does this universe have tacos? Folded flour or corn thing with meat and cheese and-“

“Yes, we have those.”

“Sweet. We should go get some. I need to verify that they taste the same as the ones in my universe.”

“…I think you’re just trying to mooch a free lunch.”

“Kay, we can just stay here and I’ll keep asking questions, like how you lost your virg-“

“Ok. Fine. I’ll get my keys, we’ll go get tacos.”

Stream commish for Draylen of Lydia and her parallell universe "sister" self, Lysse, demonstrating just how unalike these alter-twins are!

Storied & Commissioned by Draylen
Lydia & Lysse are the property of their player
Art by NikkyVix

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    I have that shirt XD

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      I dig it! It's clever! :D

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    I love the little storybit included with the picture.

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      Aye, all their writing and fitting for the situation at hand. :)