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A Peering Review by NikkyVix

A Peering Review



"Look: I told you this would just take a few minutes to finish and, against my better judgement, I said that you could wait in the lab while I worked if you promised not to touch anything. Apparently, the allure of shiny objects and blinking lights proved too overwhelming for your sense of self restraint and, well, here we are. Just be glad it wasn't the molecular inverter that caught your attention... had that been the case, I'd probably be collecting what's left of your atomic makeup from half the room, and possibly a few other dimensions as well, depending on exposure time and scope...

"Anyway, fortunately, your 'little' predicament should be entirely reversible, though it's going to require taking some fresh readings to calibrate things correctly. I'll get to that once I finish this, and I might want to get lunch first. In the meantime, you can just wait down there... since I don't keep anything too dangerous at floor level, I think it's safer for everyone, and maybe it'll teach you a thing or two about actually following instructions."

To be chastised by one's peers is bad enough. To be chastised when said peers are looming titans over you do to your own carelessness is absolutely not better!

Commish for Lydia, who's grown to authority in this situation, giving hir foolhardy companion a bit of a stern talking-to and addressing how fortunate they aren't in an even stickier situation than just being shrunken!

Lydia, commissioned by Draylen
Art by NikkyVix

"Honey! I Shrunk the Assistant!"

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