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Tomorrow by NikkyVix



The past is prologue, they say. What's done is done. There's no changing it.
Don't dwell in the past. Live for the future.

Aim to make your next dawn the best you can, so that you have something even better to look back on.

A very pleasant mixed digital media commission done for Iridium, an old friend who specifically asked for a piece of the big wolfess and myself that felt hopeful for the future and the year to come. Remember: you make your own tomorrow!

Iridium, by  Iridium Iridium
Niko Tawner & Art by NikkyVix

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Visual / Digital


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    Thanks, Niko! I love this, and here's hoping for a good year.

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      It makes me happy to know it's turned out so well! <3 Indeed, may 2019 be bright for us both.

      Also, a little amusing note: Idly searching to see if I might find a Twitter account of yours to reference when posted, I instead ran across this:

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        I do not have a twitter or other social media account, however, that is indeed nifty and cool. I do love space exploration. :)

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        That's not about Iri specifically, of course, but that is a neat if unintentional homage to our lovely, mutual wolf-titaness friend and journeywoman through the world and lives we share. I don't know if I've met you before this post, NikkyVix, but you have Iridium's lovely, gigantic and barrell-chested beauty of a she-wolf's anatomy down pat, and equally so, thank you for being a good and kind friend to Iridium in turn! (Her Atomic Symbol is 'Ir', and her Atomic Weight is...well, really, really heavy. Politely so. That's a lot of wolf-muscle there on her!)