A Moment Between Cargo Runs by NikkyVix

A Moment Between Cargo Runs


25 September 2015 at 16:56:17 MDT

My birthday is a week from now, but annually I mark another birthday of sorts that comes before that.

Sixteen years ago around this time of night, on a quaint little MUCK loaded with ramifications of the sociopolitical kind, Niko--who'd become my personal furry and identity--was created. A time and day which I mark as hir own birthday. An identity for which I've now marked approximately half of my life, and which'd shaped me in many ways.

As I haven't been faring too rosily lately, sometimes it's nice to just get back to basics, take time, and do something for oneself for once. Something simple, to remember who I am and who that is. This is part of it. Nikotaka Redtail Tawner: A not-yet-humble yet energetic, precocious and oddly-colored vixen fought and saved to own a stellar courier and cargo-hauler of hir own. All so that shi could venture forth and become hir own independent woman out there in oft-unsafe star-lanes.

It was done over a night or so and I'm far from the best with reproducing ships (basically a draft of hir first little ship from said MUCK, which I've always wanted to draw out but never did until now).

Happy birthday, silly voop.

Niko, by NikkyVix NikkyVix

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    I've been wondering for quite some time now about something if its not too much to ask...
    Are you male or female? I am just curious.

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    I would like to wish your character Niko a very grand birthday with plenty of Strawberry Cake :D

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    Happy birthday, Ms. Niko. <3 Here's to many more.

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    Happy birthday. And a nice picture on this one, too.

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    Happy belated Birthdays, captain.

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    I guess you aren't going to answer me?

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      Answering curiosity is in no way obligatory of the person being answered, and certainly not in the asker's undisclosed expectations of a time frame.
      That said, I am male, as many have also seen at the many conventions I've been at over the years.

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        I was just wondering. I didn't think you had to tell me. Its just I've asked other artist questions in the past and they ignore my question as if I said something out of line when in reality I was just asking a question...
        Its your business. I was just wondering.

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          Understandable. And yes, depending on an individual's purposes and intents, they can see it as out of line, or not really mind, or anywhere inbetween.

          It falls under how much information a person wants to give to stranger. In my case? Ennh, I'm not on Weasyl primarily; I don't notice comments often.

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            I guess I'm not use to people not responding. I forget sometimes that you have an account on FA a site I am not allowed on.