Running Wild by NikkyVix

Running Wild


11 July 2015 at 22:11:46 MDT

When 'venturing, Taross usually takes hir tasks rather seriously. You don't get to be a Warrior of Light by goofing off and loafing around after all.
Hir diligence has even earned hir the respect of the Ala Mhigan monks, allowing hir the ownership of a specially imbued Temple Garb.

Of course, when the monks said that the blessing of Rhalgr would allow the garments to adapt to the size and need of the wearer, they didn't really expect the amount of adapting it had to do.

Still... Despite having dispatched numerous Primals on numerous occasions and assisting many a needy Eorzean while just upholding the humble facade of a mercenary adventurer, there are some things that a massive draught chocobo-taur just HAS to do now and then.

So while returning from another task, Taross found hirself on a stretch of open LaNoscean countryside with nothing but a few miles of unspoiled grassland around. A cliff overlooking the open sea sat to hir right, bringing a salty breeze that ruffled hir feathery crest and shi just had to let it all go.

Having a body that's mostly consisting of the largest breed of the fastest land animal on Eorzea occasionally demands that you just throw caution to the wind and just have a run as best as you can.

Thankfully there really isn't anyone around, or they might wonder why this monk that seemingly looks like a Miqo'te can tirelessly sprint along at a speed matching the racing chocobo at the Gold Saucer, leaving behind big Y-shaped footprints as she kicks up the grass...

A fun and fancy commission for Taross involving hir draught 'bo self in hir Monk garb from Final Fantasy 14, enjoying the open fields and wild winds of the La Noscean countryside! You'll not catch a strong and stout horsebird who's running without reigns!

Taross & Flavor Text, by Taross Taross
Art by NikkyVix
Chocobo © Square-Enix

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