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[Teaser]Medusa by Nightsabra



Hey everyone! I'm posting my teasers again to maybe entice some folks to support me on Patreon!

My Patreon is PWYW. What does this mean? It means you can pay $1 or $100 and get everything that everyone else gets (minus a completed piece of art, monthly, only for $50+ patrons)! I want people to support me with however much they feel comfortable with and get similar rewards. <3

AND once I meet my $50 goal, I can finally start releasing merchandise to you guys! I have ideas like pitbull support merch, LGBTQA paw pins, stickers, and prints! You will get NEW STUFF, MONTHLY!

So... what do you get?

$1-50 USD Supporters:
Early access to all finished images
First look at timelapses
Early access to all WIPs
Exclusive access to PSD files
Almost daily progress updates

10% discount on one commission per month
Free access to all linearts/bases
First dibs on YCHs/adopts
Monthly merchandise (once $50 goal is met)

Critiques/redlines of art
Telegram/Discord community access

$50+ Supporters:
● All prior items
● Monthly fully finished art of my choosing!

Interested? Well check it out here!

Thank you and have a great Saturday!