OOAK Peblet - Arigo by nightmute

OOAK Peblet - Arigo


30 July 2015 at 17:46:43 MDT

I was commissioned by one of my favorite fiber artists, Dancing Vulture! This is her character, Arigo, in his turkey vulture imp form. Arigo is somewhat of a muse and loves to encourage people... hence his hopeful smile! Please check out DV's gallery!

He's about 5.5" tall, and even though the pictures don't show it too well, his neck is very poseable and can turn any which way. His hands are cupped to hold a little something... I had him holding a few glitter pens for me and he was very helpful about it. :)

Ari was sculpted from super sculpey and colored sculpey III... however his hands, feet and head were sculpted from translucent fimo and super sculpey that I dyed with alcohol inks... the color so SO vibrant. His eyes are amber glass cabochons that I stuck glittery sculpey on the back of.. you can kind of see it in the pictures, but in person, they are very eye-catching and always changing color!

I am still open for peblet commissions! My pricing guide can be seen here!

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    Shshsgxhjahsghzjcjk xD js!!!! He looks SO CUTE. OMYGOSH. I can't get over his expression!! I can't wait to get him and go over all these gorgeous details in person <3 I loooove love LoVe the browns you went with on his floof and body- he seems very summery and fall plumage to me. He is just the fluffiest baby and I adore him. Thank you SO much !!!!

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      :D :D :D!!!!! Yay! I was worried he was TOO brown, but I think it compliments the brightness of his face nicely! I'm glad you think it's alright, though!! He'll be there soon!!

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        Naww I think it looks really cute! I like seeing how other folks translate him <3 Eeeee lookin' like monday delivery! Fingers crossed!!!

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    That is awesome, and makes sense - a good vulture for a good vulture

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      :D Yay!

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        BTW your etsy pages says you do not ship outside of America, as I was looking at one of your Peblets <3