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The Novadroids attack #1 by NightDragon07

The Novadroids attack #1


So far a mini series of 2 drawings. It's a crossover between my robot-oc of 2 different universes the Novadroids and my Bomberman-fc.

The Novadroids have attacked the planet Bomber. Courageous Bombermen stood up against the invader to defend their home. Here we can see Metalhead Bomber in some troubles. No match for Antlia Pneumatica and Hydra, Metalhead Bomber and their louie Fleur prefer to flee to safety. They are joined by Retro louie, who flees more by cowardice.

Traditional art

~ Art and characters (C) Carol (NightDragon07)
~ Bomberman (C) Hudson soft / Konami