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The Artist and the explosive boys ... by NightDragon07

The Artist and the explosive boys ...


Katsuki Bakugo

  • Moves: ~ Howitzer Impact (signature move) ~ AP Shot: Auto Cannon ~ Stun Grenade

Blast Man

  • Signature move: Chain Blast

Carol, the black dragon

  • Signature move: Creativity
  • Signature weapon: Pencil

Ok, this is really parody. But yeah, I'm surrounded by Bombheads here, I hope it's not too dangerous! xD

Mixed media (color pencil, photomontage, digital)

Art & Dragon character (C) Carol (BlackDragon07)
BlastMan (C) Capcom
Katsuki Bakugo (C) Kohei Horikoshi


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    Cool! I like Delain too :D