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Art Trade with LoveEnergyandHeat by NightDragon07

Art Trade with LoveEnergyandHeat


Art Trade with my dear friend LoveEnergyandHeat (on deviantart)

Disclaimer: The interpretation of the characters in this drawing is not mine, but it's my friend LoveEnergyandHeat version. For more informations on this subject, I invite you to discover her world by watching her works and reading her fanfiction.

And now about the drawing. The couple Torch Man and Tundra Man are dancing together in their private moment, while Blast Man and Crash Man are spying on them thanks to a Metool equiped with a camera. xD The two robots plan to ruin the couple privacy.

Traditional art (mixed media)

Art (C) Carol (BlackDragon07)
Megaman characters (C) Capcom

LoveEnergyandHeat cool and fun part: