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Epidemie by NightDragon07



[...]Infiziert, viel zu viel von allem
Splitter, die mir in den Schädel
Knallen des Virus streut der Kollaps droht
Es ist geschafft: Patient tot

Epidemie - ich kann nicht mehr mit mir alleine sein
Epidemie - ich bin mir selbst der größte Feind
Epidemie - die ganze Welt häng schief die Geister die ich rief
Der Alptraum endet nie [...]

[Epidemie by Schattenmann (]

Well, you probably wonder why that drawing. It's rather personal, since this drawing reflects emotions and inspirations I had, when I made it. First, I was inspired by this song called Epidemie, by the band Schattenmann. But not only, because my strongest inspiration comes from the Coronavirus and its news. And speaking of that virus, it is no coincidence that I chose to draw my oc Pangolin Man here, it's because recently there is a news that says that pangolins are potentially carriers of the Coronavirus. Yes, it is this news that inspired me this drawing, because it saddens me enormously. You should know that the pangolin is an endangered animal, which is already threatened by humans, and now, it must also face the Coronavirus. The poor pangolins are in great danger (Yeah, I'm going to stop there, but I can't help, it saddens me, as I told you).

I know, it's a drawing with sad and negatives emotions in it, but I hope you still enjoy it. (and thank you for taking the time to read this description).

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