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Robotmasters gen 11 ... by NightDragon07

Robotmasters gen 11 ...


Just a drawing featuring my favorites Robotmasters from video game Megaman 11, around Rock (Megaman).

Rock thinks he has found a random rabbit, and really wants to adopt it. But, it seems that this isn't a random rabbit at all, it's Watt, Fuseman's pet. And of course Fuseman isn't happy here, because he's afraid that Rock will steal his pet.
Meanwhile, Blastman and Tundraman are around too. The subzero ice skater robot asks the explosive one, if he wants to danse with him. Blastman becomes very confused and unconfortable, he doesn't know what to answer to this sudden proposal. xD

Color pencil drawing

Art (C) Carol (BlackDragon07)
Megaman, robotmasters (C) Capcom / Keiji Inafune