Crime scene - Badge by Nievaris

Crime scene - Badge


24 January 2014 at 10:54:54 MST

My badge for this years Eurofurence :3 Theme is CSI - Berlin g I already printed it and it will be laminated and looks already awesome :D It's so nice to print the own stuff at home XD

I'm thinking about offering them as commission

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    Haha nice :> I wanted to do something similar. This years theme isn't easy i have to admit XD

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      Yeah, somehow it's a challenge xD though I also thought about some kind of 'Beagle Boys' Design, too, and/or Headshots in Horatio Caine style with taking off sunglasses xD Maybe just taking Crime as a theme and not CSI in specific ^^

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        They changed the theme to crime szene in general anyway. But...yeah. There isn't much one can do as badges sadly. There will be many similar ideas this year for sure v,v

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          Though I think this is much funnier. The first idea I got was just some kind of MiB badges xD

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    Noin! D: Armes Nyx-Plüschi, wer hat es nur so zugerichtet? D: will es wiederbeleben

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      Ein Böser, der erst gefunden werden muss dir ne Sonnenrbrille reich

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        Keine Spuren wurden hinterlassen, Nyx, (ausgesprochen wie nichts) das auf den Täter hinweist.... setzt sich die Sonnenbrille auf

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          ist immer noch tot x|

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            Da hilft nur durchkitzeln! tut das auch gleich