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Daily Milk Chugging 2: Doubling the Chug by Nickel-Cat_Engine

Daily Milk Chugging 2: Doubling the Chug


A commission from a lovely friend, and a follow-up of the gift I drew him here; which is an accurate reflection of his real-life habits. I think he's handsome at any size, but maybe he had other ideas...


The fennec boy’s tail was already wagging as he bolted upright in bed. He bounced off the mattress, grabbed his trademark sky-blue shorts, and hopped from one slender brown-furred leg then the other towards the door as he pulled them up. He took the stairs two at a time with practiced agility, clawing his wild mop of brown hair out of his eyes and fitting his stylish leather collar neatly around his neck. He could not suppress a wide canine grin as he scuttled over the kitchen tiles, which were a little too cold this morning for bare pawpads. A cool breeze washed over his lithe body as he opened the fridge door, sending his stomach into a flutter of anticipation.

“Oh boy! It’s time to start my daily milk chugging!” The fennec boy declared, triumphantly raising a gallon of fresh, full-cream milk. Investing in Nickel’s Milk Fridge, a patented repository of all the milk growing muscles could ever need, was really going to give his bulking regime a big boost. He knew that his days of being an insufferably skinny twink couldn’t last forever, and he’d always wanted to try being a lean hunk of toned muscle anyway. Today was his first attempt at taking the gallon-of-milk-a-day challenge. It would be tough to handle so much milk, but with perseverance, the fennec could sculpt the body of his dreams!

In no time at all, the bulky carton of milk was drained, and the fennec was left licking his lips and wiping a few drops of milk from his handsome face. He thought it was a little odd how easy that had been, but then again, he had always loved milk! He tossed the carton in recycling, and set about cooking up a proper breakfast. By the time his protein-rich eggs, sausages and bacon were sizzling, he could already feel his eyes starting to droop. The skinny young fennec had to virtually force himself to finish off his plate, and by that time, he was halfway into a food coma. Stifling a yawn, the fennec slouched to his sofa, and resolved to work out after a post-breakfast nap…


The fennec boy’s tail was already wagging as he rolled over in bed. He was tempted to simply let gravity roll him back into the indent in the middle of his mattress and snooze for another five minutes, but the hum of the fridge downstairs seemed to be calling him with promises of comforting, milky goodness. He heaved himself, once, twice, three times to sit up, the springs squealing under him as he hefted one chunky leg, then the other into a worn pair of sky-blue shorts with split seams that he just hadn’t found time to replace. He carefully, if heavily stomped his way downstairs, each step something of a guess since he couldn’t quite see where he was putting his paws. He clawed back his wild mop of hair, huffed a bit as he strained to clip his collar, and gave a big canine grin as he waddled into the kitchen.

There was nothing like starting a busy day with a good, healthy routine of milk chugging! Thankfully, the milk fridge was designed to keep all his dairy fresh and full of that calorie-laden goodness that gave him strong bones, and well-nourished muscles… and perhaps something of a more rotund physique that the fennec had once envisioned. It was hard to know when to stop though, there was something reassuring in chugging milk, then caressing the soft, squishy globe of his belly, and chugging milk, and caressing, and chugging, and…

In no time at all there was a pile of drained cartons of milk on the counter, and the fennec was left cradling his plump middle, and licking his handsome, chubby face clean of the last few drops. To make sure his gains would stick, he set about cooking his usual protein-laden breakfast, his stomach sloshed like a barrel with every step. Though he had never felt more suited to cuddling in his whole life, the fluffy fennec boy could not help but feel his goals seemed just as distant as ever. As psychologically adjusted as he was to the act of gulping down a cow’s worth of milk with every meal, perhaps a new strategy was in order…

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