Churro Burro by Nettle

Churro Burro


5 July 2014 at 18:23:01 MDT

Final piece commissioned by Quaggy during my last sale!

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Visual / Digital


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    ahhhhh these colors. i also love the sparse lineart. i rely SO heavily on outlining for most of my work, I feel like I need to push myself to be more minimalistic

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      Thank you so much.. uwu <3 Everyone has techniques/etc that they like to use while creating art! It just ended up working out for me I guess~ I love the graphic quality of your work. c: Thinking of which, your comics are so inspiring!

      ALSO I was sure I was watching you, but I guess not? I'm sorry! Well, I'm definitely following you now.

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        Ahhhhhughyg blushing everywhere, that means a lot coming from you! Yeah I'm not trying to deny my style necessarily, but I'm still pretty young (23 although I feel old on the internet now lol) and feel like I should be experimenting more artistically! But people all have their things that work for them in the end :)

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          WOW you are too kind.. ;; Thanks again!

          My wife and I are around your age. I'm about to be 22 in a few weeks and Rooibos is 23. It's hard to remember how young that actually is. Especially in the online art community. uwu; I really agree! It's all about having fun, experimenting, and growing! I look forward to seeing how your art develops and wish you all the luck and fulfillment! <3

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            I know, I follow all these amazing kids who are like 17 and am just in awe! 23 is such a weird age, there's people like me who just graduated and struggle to find jobs and live with their moms, but I also have friends my age who are married with 3 kids. Crazy times!

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              Tell me about it! :'>