MouseyK- Then and Now by Nepenthe

MouseyK- Then and Now


15 April 2015 at 12:54:23 MDT

This is the fursona of MouseyK on FA, who trusted me to refurbish her head from the ground up in time for FWA this year. It's my first job at doing so and I'm quite pleased with myself! What was done was thus:

  • Slightly refoamed the original base created by Mousey to give better definition while still keeping general shape.
  • Follow-me eyes; a first! (WIP video here:
  • Refurred and shaved entire face except for the ears (those were salvaged in their entirety)
  • Flat fabric nose replaced with a fleeced foam nose
  • New fur hair and bangs
  • The new neck was so kindly done by jjreaming on FA who creates them with an appeal far better than I can muster at this time.

The entire suit came out to be a partial with sleeves, hands, feet, and a tail. My work on those, mainly, was to sew the sleeves together and give general guidance. If you saw her this past weekend, then I sincerely hope you enjoyed your time with her!

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    Oh wow, this is awesome! You def did a wonderful facelift for that fursuit. I would totally pay you to refurbish my possum!

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      Aww, thank you! I wouldn't mind doing so at all. It's quite the challenge!