Magpie Fullsuit by neonr0se

Magpie Fullsuit


21 January 2014 at 17:42:19 MST

At last my first costume project of 2014 is completed! Of course I finished everything the night before (which I was trying not to but whatever haha)
It features a lot of firsts for me and was a neat learning experience.
It has a ~10ft wingspan in which includes my arms and then 2 3ft garden stakes that hold op the rest of the wings.
The downside with this costume is that the wings are heavy and really hot to wear so until I get some sort of cooling outfit, 2 hours is about my max and by then I'm drenched in sweat haha.

I was definitely happy with how well this was received at the con! There are things that I plan on doing differently next time, but I feel like by the time I was done with this I learned so many new things

-Head using crystumes resin blank
-Fleece legs, wings, and feet
-Airbrushing on front and metallic airbrushing on back to give that iridescent look.
-A foam tail with wire in it (will change to a delrin rod eventually)
-Garden stakes hold up the wings and each wings have individually sewn tips and feathers

Also! If you happened to take any pictures of me I'd love to see them! :D

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    This is so cool! Dem big wings. <3

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      Thank you! :D And yeah they are pretty huge! I kept accidentally whacking people with them whenever I was spreading them open in a crowded area haha xD

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