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★ Art request for @nakitiachikita ★ by NeoMawz

★ Art request for @nakitiachikita ★


[Reuploaded from instagram] So.. I made a tattoo design for someone ig...

Heya! This is the completed request of the Ragsy Fortnite skin I made for nakitiachikita! I had some trouble with the eyes but overall im happy with it! Hope you enjoy it!

Requests are currently CLOSED (At the time of writing)! This doesn't affect anyone who is owed a request or has a request being worked on! Requests will most likely only be temporarily closed and reopened when I need something to draw! If your interested in getting a request when they are open, please check the "Free Request's" highlight for rules and information!

Program: Ibis paint X, Pixlr x
Time taken: 3ish hours/too long