PWYW - The Fab Bi-Furious Four by nekophoenix

PWYW - The Fab Bi-Furious Four


23 June 2015 at 12:45:49 MDT

is an absolute sweetheart and was the first in with her pay-what-you-want request and wanted her and her friends as wee pride chibis!. Thanks to her four-character request, I felt so much more at ease money wise this week so I wanted to make an extra special effort for her <3


From left to right
Mercury  blackkrystal
Rebby   rebby
Tazara   tazara
Hazel   fawnspots

They were an absolute pleasure to draw; I had SO much fun with their interactions and I learned a lot from this drawing too :3

I do hope you like it!

I also just really liked the lineart of this, so that version is here! :3