Sapphire Akani by Nekonirosu (critique requested)

Sapphire Akani (critique requested)


21 November 2018 at 13:26:23 MST

Name: Sapphire Akani
Gender: Female.
Age: 19.
Height: 5'8.
Eye Colo*r: purple.
*Hair Colo*r: blond.

*Bust Size
: E-cups.
Build: medium, chubby.
Likes: help the innocent, fly, soap, noodle 🍜,make friends, training, be l😍ved, exploring, humans, drawing.
Dislikes: killing somebody, broccoli, boredom, be unattractive, her auntie, being trolled (she also think is funny), be unable to help.
Status: Fabulous✨.
Faction: Dragon kingdom.
Family: Akani family
Love Interests: Chiro Taka (her dead human childhood friend), somebody with willpower, somebody smart, somebody affective, somebody brave, somebody heroic.
Outfit: time traveler.
Skills: dimension traveling, Levitation, sun attacks, dash, mind connection, healing.

Profile: Sapphire Akani is the youngest Dragon in the Akani, which is a family chosen and blessed by the Goddess of the sun: Amaterasu. Although her family fights with others "chosens" for the sake of been the gods "favorites", she doesn't want to be enemy, in fact, she doesn't want to hurt anyone, so whenever she had a chance, she just traveled around dimensions. Sapphire was a special member of the Akani for a unique gift: DIMENSION TRAVELING, she used to go in dimension by dimension and she loved it (she still love). But one day, she felt the consequences of her great gift, and lost her best (and only) human friend, Chiro Taka, an orphan whose the kindness and cuddling where endless. She felt horrible for just standing frozen while her friend loses his life. And from that day, she became what she thinks her destiny want her to be: a heroine