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Monster by nekokushu (critique requested)

Monster (critique requested)


My cosplay of me as Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul.
Yes, the acrylic nails have been ripped off. My nails are almost healed.

And Otakon is right around the corner and they're ready to be painted.

Photo was taken by my cousin Shelby.

Photo is copyrighted to me.


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    I love the mask!

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      And the eyepatch :D

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        Thank you so much! <3 I'm going to die wearing that mask to the convention, but it's all worth it. xD Lol

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          It's pretty epic! I never seen anything like it before. The eyepatch is pretty sweet too! :D Reminds me of something I wanted to use for one of my Original Character concepts but used shades instead because I couldn't get the damn 3d model correctly fitted / the way I wanted ;~; .