Fluffy Bakeneko Anthro Adopt-CLOSED by Nat-Nat

Fluffy Bakeneko Anthro Adopt-CLOSED


22 February 2015 at 15:32:29 MST

-Adopted by speedlix09

-Or for just $5 a month, get -5$ off ANY adoptable that I post up for sale from now on by subscribing to my Patreon:
Please comment ONLY if you are claiming to purchase
-First come first serve
-No holds/reserves
-Paypal only
-Please do not send payment as a gift
-Please check the box/choose the option for 'No shipping required' on the shipping/mailing address page
-Please DO NOT USE Paypal mobile to send payment
-Please have payment ready within an hour of claiming, otherwise the adopt WILL go back up for sale if payment cannot be made
-However If I do not reply to your comment claim within an hour you are free to assume that I have fallen asleep/away and will not be penalized for not sending payment within the hour of claiming and may wait until I respond/am active again to do business
-Please do NOT send any Paypal notes mentioning anything that paypal may view as shady or NSFW in nature-in fact, it is recommended to leave THE NOTES SECTION BLANK
-If you have my paypal addressed saved, payment ready, have claimed the adopt and wish to just send payment-PLEASE WAIT FOR ME TO GIVE YOU THE GO-AHEAD VIA A REPLY FIRST
-Gender alterations, backstory, name and post-adoption alterations are entirely up to the person who adopts this character
-You may trade/give the character away/resell later on if you no longer feel connected to them

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