Greedy piranha plants [Gift from DracioN] by NathanYoshi

Greedy piranha plants [Gift from DracioN]


25 June 2016 at 13:00:08 MDT

This is a lovely gift I got from my buddy DracioN thank you so much :3

Again a yosh got in a bad situation with these wonderful piranha plants x3
Seems like yoshi feet are one of their favourite tastes <.<
One of them is just the gourmet and nibbling on the toes while another one is greedy and slurping over the whole sole X3
The yoshi doesn't know how he should feel and hopes to be free soon~

I am really impressed about the details and the colorful background in Yoshi's Island style which DracioN have done here :3

Art : DracioN

Original submission:


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    Nuuuuuuuu! Not the piranha plants!!!!! T////T

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      Such evil creatures :c

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        They'll let him go won't they? owo

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          Sure o.o they not gonna harm the yoshi in any way, they're just going for his paws of course X3

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    I didn't realize giant plants such as themselves loved yoshi paws so much. That could explain why they have tongues. For tasting. X333

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      Haha I just like using them a lot since they're great for forced stuff like that X3 I agree to you X333