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Bill and Ted [01] by Nathancook0927

Bill and Ted [01]


When Bill & Ted 3 was coming out in theaters in 2020 I'd decided to work on a fanart based on the Bill & Ted Cartoon Series that was created by Hanna Barbera and aired on CBS during 1990 after the success of the first movie Bill & Ted Excellent Adventure and would later be bought by 20th Century Fox to air on FOX KIDS in the early 1990's and there would also be a TV Series but it was short lived because of Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey and the show had to be put on hold and later when it was released during the summer of 1992 it wasn't doing so well and the Cartoon Series was already cancelled (So yeah double bogus!) You could find some of the cartoons on the internet or the TV Series depending on where you'll find them and I may have to check if their both on DVD so I can find them and with the upcoming 3rd Movie, stores will probably be selling anything Bill & Ted related so I hope the company behind the Bill & Ted Movies will release any DVDs of the 1st & 2nd Movies, Cartoon Series, and the Live Action Series.

I'd did a little bit of work on Bill by adding in a little bit of the Bogus Journey look while I kept Ted like he was in the Cartoon Series.

Bill & Ted Belongs to Orion Pictures.

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