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Anthro-The Pirate Queen's Pet by Nat-cha

Anthro-The Pirate Queen's Pet


More Kizu+Hazuki again-something a little more super-dramatic-AND with a little bonus story to go with their illustration to boot~

‘Up until about 45 minutes ago, you were so certain-so sure, so confident that a single ship with but a small, rag-tag pirate crew with a captain & her first mate couldn’t possibly take on your mighty fleet of about 5 or so galleons each with its own ruthless band of loyal crew. That was before the first mate, bescarred & inhuman in appearance had laughed as she dove underwater, transformed into some kind of enormous, snarling beast, & then proceeded to tear through your powerful fighting force’s wooden hulls as though they were but tissue-paper. Now, they stand before you, the embers dancing through the sky which came from your fallen-still falling-army mixing into the torrential rain pouring down upon this grim scene, making it appear all that much grimmer. The endless downpour of water pounding down in thick sheets mixed with the roaring flames above alongside your hammering heartbeat all coalesce into an audio overload that deafens you to the point where you were barely able to make out just what this eerie, pale-furred woman-now standing with her enormous & snarling confidant upon the deck of your last remaining vessel-your vessel-before you says with nary a blink nor a grin upon her horrifically calm visage as her eyes peer straight into your own: 'Tear them apart.’’

(God, Eerays+their ability to turn into fuckhuge-seamonsters is SO much fun to play around with)

-Eerays by cookiehana
-Dreamies by beagalltach

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