Grab n' Snuggle by NatashaArts

Grab n' Snuggle


15 February 2018 at 05:23:53 MST

Hero gently grab her love, and she nuzzle leg <3 Lia be very happy kitty, giving off lots of purrs :3 <3 She is clearly very happy with her babe and very in love, just as Hero is <333 Lia also curl her tail around her lover, bringing her closer with her pull, they feel eachothers loving warmth and plenty of gayness <3
They flopped on the ground after a long day of funtimes and now they be doin cute nuzzletimes, as shown here ^-^ <333

I actually REALLY love this! :D Sure, there was loads of trouble whilst making the pic XD (as ranted on Facebook about) but in the end, i am quite pleased with the pic and i sure hope Cora enjoys it :3 <3

also, i am really loving that sunset effect as you can tell, so pretty <3 (just like a certain babe i know ;3 <3 points to cora)

Our gay babes be so lovely :3 <3
I love you Cora, many thanks for all you've done and continue to do ^-^ you is very precious <333 big hugs and snuggs, and also kissies c: you a very good kitty ^w^ <3

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