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Family of Fighters by Namrepus221

Family of Fighters


There really isn't much about Jack and his Family out there. And this isn't really by choice. I really do want to show off more of the family.

Vixey is on the left. Jack's wife. Jack and her met in Jack's first professional match. He literally asked her out on a date in the middle of a clinch. She's still a professional fighter, as her husband has been semi-retired from the ring. As such she's the main breadwinner of the family as Jack helps to supliment the household income acting as a trainer and manager at the gym Vixey and He own. The two titles that she holds are ones that she does still defend.

Jack of cource is in the middle. You probably know a bit about him with my postings.

Foxy is Jack and Vixey's only daughter. She is a Red Fox/Tiger hybrid hence the stripes (She hasn't begun to show any aspects of Jack's Dragon linage yet, but that might occur when she gets older). She's about 12 here in this picture, but she has been boxing since she was 5 or so. Of cource she was never pushed into getting into the "family business" as it were, she simply discovered it as her mom and dad frequently took her to the gym to watch her when she was an infant. She's a skilled fighter dispite being as young as she is. Also dispite being somewhat of a tomboy, she is very much into pink (she even has Hello Kitty boxing trunks as evidenced in the image)

As I said. I really wish I could get more art of these characters together. Especially Vixey and Foxy. Vixey is a weird thing because I technically don't own the character. It belongs to someone else I met years ago and allowed me to use the character so I can't really claim ownership of them or use them however I would like to. They however dropped off the face of the earth, but I have no clue if they are still out there and if they even remember me. Foxy however I do own fully, but I am apprehensive about asking for comissions of her for fear of coming off like a perv.

I really do want to hear what everyone has to say about this piece. I really want to know what everyone thinks of the characters and if they would want to see me get more of them done.

Picture by the amazing   wendel2 I thank him immensely for doing this
Characters © their respective owners.

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    For me it was a great satisfaction.