Potential DKK Commissar Cosplay by Nakoo

Potential DKK Commissar Cosplay


20 July 2014 at 11:17:34 MDT

**Here is the game plan! **

Hat: Got a basic hat, need to add; Gold trim, Gold Aquila, Red ribbon maybe some Badges/Medals.
Mask: Two options, one; pre made mask, two; Create a mask from lenses and a base respirator. Will have to add tubes to both.
Rebreather: Create a rebreather unit, weather like Venrias or one in a pack to the side.
Great Coat: Use Pattern M4745 and add a princess seam, though this means I will need to prototype it in something cheap. Other additions are; Extended collar and cuffs, red lining, belt loops. Made out of thick grey woollen fabric and line with soft cotton?
Shirt: Use a shirt you have.
Gloves: Got nice ones to use already!
Aquila: Paper clay! Make the Mechani-aquila.
Corset: Two options, Buy and alter one for the buttons and cord, or make one from scratch that only has extra long laces. Leaning towards making one.
Sash: 1-2 Red pashminas with trim. Maybe another aquila badge.
Pants: Change a baggy pair of pants into a pattern I can use to create the pants, using thick cotton(?).
Boots: Will have to find boots irl, fingers crossed under $50.
Las Pistol: Craft as if it was a LARP weapon, house foam carved into shape. Or pepakura like the guard armour.
Power/Chair Sword: Like above, craft as if a LARP weapon, small pvc tube centre with some kind of foam, eva or other wise used to make details. There might be weapons policy issues.
Crop: Buy some where cheap.

Just something a bit dumb I want to do. I want to have some guard come with me but we will see if I actually pull that off haha. Need to make them armour to. Any ideas you have would help heaps haha.
Also Power sword or chain sword?