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(Insert inflation related title here) by Naka Balloonfox

(Insert inflation related title here)

Naka Balloonfox

7 April 2014 at 08:16:28 MDT

Because I haven't truly uploaded any inflated pictures of David (if you don't count the previous three jokes) I decided to give you four different poses in one picture.

Running right (boing, boing!)

Running/jumping forwards (BOING!!)

Losing balance (the slightest breeze could knock me over right now.)

Competitive (my tummy's bigger then yours! :D)

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    Best title ever! xD

    Haha, I gotta admit. David looks really cute when he's inflated like that. He looks really happy! :D
    Though, I don't know if I agree with that last statement. I'm sure my tummy could get a lot bigger than his. :3c

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      surely. But he'd probably put himself through some major training to make himself more elastic!

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        True, if I got even more inflated than him, then he would probably go through as much training as possible to make sure I'll never get bigger than him ever again. That wouldn't be good for me at all! =P

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          yeah, Determination of the dragon! He will be the biggest!

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            Well, I can still try! I want to be the biggest! Even if it leads to some pain on my swollen tummy. ^^;