Pearlescent Blue by Naira

Pearlescent Blue


19 February 2014 at 15:42:30 MST

Because I'm un-creative with image titles and think his scales look pearlescent.

Ok I finally got an email back from my commissioner and he loves it! ^^ (was holding off on posting it until I knew if he wanted anything changed)

Long overdue commission for Snow Dragon!! I worked in 3 different programs on this. I started in photoshop, did most of the base rendering in Sketchbook Pro on my Samsung Galaxy Note when my wrist hurt too much to use the PC tablet, and finished in Paint Tool SAI because I really like the feel of that program and wanted to see how it went.

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    Whoaaaa I don't think I've ever seen you do scales... this is amazing! ;O; iwantone

    I love the colours too! Heheee it works with the title? xDDDDD I love the feel of it, too, the soft colours work well with like, soft gliding easily through the sky stuff. xp

    AND THOSE SCALES, hgngrueiiahgiuaeiu so beautiful, I wanna stroke the neck/body/tail it looks sooooooooooooo smooth, and the wings too and meep

    That face too is sooo easy looking, that serene look \;A;/

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      Thankyou for the wonderful comment darling!! ;D;