I, Maidbot by Myuphrid

The darkness in the warehouses was to be expected, but Mattias was somewhat surprised by its emptiness. The other buildings in the abandoned industrial estate had some traces of having been used once - a few crates, discarded paper, half-eaten doughnuts - but there was no indication that this building had ever been used. Heck, the gates and door weren't even locked.
Mattias stepped deeper into the dusty-floored warehouse, shining his torch to and fro. Eventually, the torchlight fell upon what looked like a tall box, in the middle of the warehouse. It was several feet wide on each side and stretched to the ceiling. The side facing the inquisitive Russian Blue seemed to have doors set into it. Considering how easily he'd managed to find his way into the warehouse, he decided to try his luck once more. He pulled on the handle, and the door creaked open. Mattias grinned and peeked his head inside. The walls were mirrored, and there was a ceiling made of tessellating panels, surrounding a single fluorescent light.
"Wow..." he breathed, entering the chamber fully and admiring the four-sided infinity he cast in the mirrors.
As he looked around the cubic chamber, a loud clunk echoed from behind Mattias, giving him a horrendous start. He whipped around to see that the door had shut, with no seam visible.
"H-Hey!" Mattias leapt across the chamber and clawed desperately at the sealed door. As he scrabbled to reopen it, he failed to notice a series of faint mechanical whirring noises behind him... but he did notice the steel shackles closing tightly around his ankles, pulling him sharply away from the doors and onto the floor. His torch hit the ground with a crash and flickered out. The mechanical arms brought him to the centre of the chamber, as he struggled to right himself. As if to provide aid in this, a second pair of arms descended from the ceiling and tightly grabbed his wrists, before lifting him to his feet. A number of spotlights flashed into life above him, briefly blinding the bound cat.
Mattias squirmed ineffectually in the metal shackles binding him. He called out, hoping for someone outside to hear him.
"Let me go!! Hello?! Someone help me! I'm trapped in--"
At that point, Mattias saw a series of blades emerge from the panels of the ceiling and floor, twitching, as though sizing him up. He stared in silent terror at the nearest blade... until it suddenly surged towards him. Mattias yelped and shut his eyes as the knives flashed and sliced across his body. After a while, he hazarded opening an eye, and saw the shredded remains of his shirt impaled on one of the knives, and on another the frayed mass of denim his jeans had been reduced to. The knives retracted into their compartments, taking the ruined fabric with them, and Mattias glanced down, to see himself completely naked, divested of clothing by the lethal-looking blades. As if by some miracle though, his smoky-grey fur was barely even marked. The perceived danger past, Mattias resumed attempting to pull himself free from his shackles, but his limbs remained held spread out. He gave a whine of misery and frustration.
At that moment, another panel in the floor opened, directly in front of the cat. On a narrow piston rose what seemed to be a camera, pointed squarely at the bound cat. He modestly tried to cover his bare crotch with his thighs, and leaned forward into the camera's lens.
"Hey... i-if there's someone there, please let me go! There's been some mistake, I just walked in here, I-- MMNGPH!!"
Taking advantage of his distraction, a pair of arms had darted down and stuffed a metal ballgag in his mouth, before rapidly fastening a series of straps around his head and jaw. No matter how he pushed on the gag with his tongue or tried to grind his teeth around it, he couldn't dislodge the obstinate ball. In fact, he could barely open his mouth more than a couple of millimetres. As the camera descended back into the alcove, Mattias sobbed inarticulately into the gag and began a fresh bout to desperate yanking. When it proved just as futile as before, he slumped in the shackles and groaned in despair.
A trio of particularly long panels opened on the floor on either side and in front of Mattias, and another pair of arms ascended out of the cavity revealed, holding something between them, a rectangular piece of shiny fabric. Mattias stared at the object as it was drawn back against his tummy, then wrapped around his sides. With a sudden yank, both ends of the rectangle were pulled taut to meet over his back, driving the breath right out of the cat's lungs. He gasped and coughed through the gag, the corset constricting his breathing almost as much as his stomach. As he struggled to regain his breath, he barely noticed a cold slimy substance being smeared over his chest, hips and rump. Still panting, he watched as a pair of soft, compressible objects was pressed onto his gel-smeared chest, along with similar objects over his hips and buttocks. As the padding-applier-arms withdrew, it became clear that the substance had been a rather powerful contact adhesive, as the padding remained in place on his grey fur. The clamps holding Mattias's ankles and wrists in place opened up again, but before the cat could attempt to escape, he was assailed by more arms wielding a bodysuit, which he was swiftly squeezed into. It pressed snugly against every inch of his skin, and even more tightly over his arms and legs.
As the arms that had dressed Mattias drew back, he staggered a little and looked bewilderedly into the mirror before him. His eyes went wide as he took in what he saw. Everything below his head had been sculpted into a perfect feminine appearance, his now-ample chest and hips complimenting his narrowed waist and giving him a fine hourglass figure. His arms and legs were now slender and delicate, in keeping with his newly delicate proportions.
As he stared astounded at his body, he didn't notice the shackles returning, until they resealed around his arms and legs and gently pulled his limbs taut. His surprised whimper was barely heard behind the gag.
The camera rose out of the floor once more, surveying the now-feminine Mattias. As it scrutinised him, a whirring came from beneath the floor. Distracting him from this, however, was a tingling sensation in his mouth and teeth. It was a very curious feeling, not painful by any means, but insistent nonetheless. He tried to alleviate the feeling, but neither his jaw nor his tongue seemed to want to move anymore. In alarm he doubled his efforts to coax a response from his mouth, unaware of the tingling's burrowing into his head.
Mattias gave a start as these words invaded his thoughts. He shook his head and tried to resume his attempts to escape, but found that his body was becoming sluggish and unresponsive. Soon it stopped responding altogether, standing totally static with Mattias's mind imprisoned within. The shackles disengaged from his ankles and wrists, but in spite of Mattias's mental efforts to escape his arms simply fell limply to his sides.
Quite against Mattias's volition, his body suddenly stood to rigid attention. His legs snapped together from their previous limp position, and his arms snapped to his sides. Robbed of control of his motor functions, Mattias could do nothing more than stare straight forward, looking at his reflection in the mirror before him. Looking at the reflected image, the reason for his mouth's unresponsiveness was clearly evident. The shiny silver material of the ballgag seemed to have spread over the lower part of his face, as though his chin and cheeks were being coated in metal.
Even as the persistent tingling continued to filter through the terrified cat's body, the panels of the ceiling and floor opened up. More pairs of mechanical arms began to unfold, carrying laser-carved metal pieces. The sculpted panels were systematically pressed against Mattias's newly-feminised body, and fitted snugly over his artificially svelte contours. His limbs moved as needed to accommodate the panelling operation, still without Mattias's mental permission. Within moments, his legs were encased within thin plates of highly polished metal, and the seams sealed by what looked like welding torches. As far as Mattias could tell, however, the metal under the welder was simply melded together, two unconnected panels somehow becoming one inescapable piece. Being thusly sealed, the metal plates continued to be fitted over Mattias, neatly interlocking in artful design. Soon enough, Mattias's wasplike waist and amply padded chest were encased within their new alloy confines. His arms were next to be metal-plated, then his fingers. Cylinders of metal were furled around his digits, turning them into slender extensions of Mattias's new metallic form.
A captive audience to this invasive operating system, Mattias wondered what that particular message meant, although he had a vague idea... an idea that was confirmed as every inch of his skin suddenly went numb, like an all-over sense of pins and needles. Mattias tried to shiver, until his sense of touch seemed to return, on the outside of the metal layer. He could feel the temperature and texture of the floor, with far greater clarity than he could ever remember feeling. Just then, his attention was drawn from this sensory spectacle by a dull ache inside him, as though his internal organs were all being stretched.
Unable to groan, or even squeak, Mattias was forced to silently endure this "reassembly". The tingling in his torso became much more profound, almost painfully intense. As the wave of transformative sensation spread, he could feel his organs throbbing as they were converted, flesh dissolving systematically into metal. Hot energy pulsed throughout his body, his stomach turned into a battery and its stored energy driven throughout his newly mechanised body by the power distributor his heart had become.
As this message came through, a mechanical arm holding what looked like a mask moved up towards him. As it drew close to his head, Mattias's vision started to blur worryingly, and it blacked out totally just as the mask was pressed against his face. The transformative tingle filled his eyeballs and skin as more metallic parts were pressed against his head, unseen by the encased cat. Along with the feeling of his head being sealed inside the steel plating were a number of metallic sounds, panels coming into contact with one another and catches clicking shut, as well as motions of his body to accommodate... something. His sight still denied him, Mattias burned with terrified curiosity, simultaneously desperate and afraid to see what was going on.
Mattias's conflict was suddenly resolved as his sight flashed back into life. With the mask in place, everything had a red cast to it, and details were rendered in perfect clarity. Even on the borders of his peripheral vision, there was no trace of blurring. It was not his suddenly enhanced vision that Mattias was astounded by, however.
In the mirrored surface before him stood the reflection of a beautifully-shaped feline gynoid, with a head of sculpted metal "hair", shoulder-length and feathered. The "hair" framed a simplistic feminine face with pale yellow glowing eyes and a smoothly protruding feline muzzle. Atop the hairdo and between the triangular ears was a large white bow, providing a neat complement to the fetishistic ensemble Mattias found himself clad in; a French maid's uniform with puffy shoulders and white stockings, along with a pair of panties that peeked naughtily out from beneath the scandalously short skirt. Curiously - although not entirely unpredictably - the entire ensemble was made of gleaming metal, painted appropriately in black and white and liberally festooned with precisely laser-carved frills. Hanging perkily from under the skirt was a sinuous segmented tail tipped with a few prongs, apparently a power plug. This image of a metallic maid was one that Mattias might ordinarily have found very sexy, if it were not himself inescapably sealed within and transformed into the mechanical domestic servant.
Mattias stared aghast at the maidbot he - or perhaps "she" - had become. "She" stood in the middle of the chamber, able only to take in what had transpired, until the floor opened once more to admit a large wooden crate, half-full of a foam insert bearing a maidbot-shaped cavity. Internal gyros balancing perfectly on the high heels, Mattias stepped backwards into the insert, nestling snugly into it. Another foam insert descended on robotic arms and was pushed into place inside the crate, sealing Mattias away in cosy darkness.
As the lid of the crate was nailed tightly into place, Mattias felt a sudden sense of profound sleepiness come over "her", and "she" quickly slid into the embrace of an electronic slumber, lulled by the gentle rocking of "her" crate as it was carried deeper into the warehouse to the shipping depot, there to be stored until "she" was whisked off the begin "her" new life of efficient mechanised servitude..

I, Maidbot


16 February 2013 at 07:16:45 MST

One of the earliest fetish-oriented pieces I wrote, for a friend of mine who happens to be rather into robots and such.

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