A. Chalcodes, my most friendly tarantula by Mythil

A. Chalcodes, my most friendly tarantula


4 May 2016 at 02:14:42 MDT

This little girl always comes out and walks onto my hand when I'm doing something in her enclosure.

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    my chalcodes is being kind of pissy lately but shes in pre molt so im gonna say thats why. shes only 3.5 inches but shes never thrown a threat posture or anything i dont hold her much anyways so it dont really matter. i love the species though i love the dark and blonde legs

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      Same, I have two of them. This one is very friendly while the other prefers to hide. I have a mixed bag of arachnids.

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        all i have is my chalcodes at the moment i want c. cyaneopubescens, avic avic, g. pulchra, and a g. rosea but it's not reasonable for me right now as much as i want them. for now i guess ill be stuck to enjoying people's photos on the internet..!

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          Avics are nice, I have a juvie one and it's really cute. You don't have to spent a lot of money on a spider's home. For my avic I use a tall tupperware tube.

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            I know haha. I just don't have the money to buy the T's themselves and I'm also not allowed in my current housing situation ): Hopefully if I'm able to move I can have as many as I like!

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    Awww, thats nice to hear that you have a very friendly one.