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Mykell 3D VRChat Model by Mykell Wildfire

Mykell 3D VRChat Model

Mykell Wildfire

I know a good number of people already know or have already seen it, but I never got around to posting it around here for others to see, so here it is ^.=.^

A while back durring the first wave of the pandemic, I managed to commission a friend for something I've been wanting for some time. A 3D model. Specifically one for use in VRChat.

I had been on VRChat a few times but always felt kinda awkward back then using models and characters that weren't, you know, "Me". After getting furloughed from work, I found myself having an abundance of extra time and some extra funds from both unemployment and stimulus checks. With the essentials out of the way, I figured it was a good time to spring on getting a model of my own, and here it is, courtesy of Zairiza.

As I write this post, though, the model is in the process of getting some upgrades. Emotes, animations, clothing, and some anatomy adjustments. I'm super excited to see how it turns out. I'll post up pics of it when it's ready.

I try to get on VRChat whenever I have the energy, and along with my friend brauner, we do VRChat streams together on Twitch where we hang out and explore various worlds every Thursday. Always good times ^.=.^

Feel free to add me on VRChat. I can't promise I'll always be available, but I try to make proper use of the status buttons so I'm not ALWAYS hidden or unreachable. I'm also a bit terrible with consistently responding to requests, so if I don't reply back to an invite or whatever, send another one later on. Yeah, I'm one of those people who forgets being messeged and then feels too guilty to respond after some time has passed.

VRChat s/n: Mykell
Twitch channel:

Mykell Model created by zairiza
Give her a watch! She does awesome stuff and deserves it! =D

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