Hot cocoa Toori [Winter icon] by Myett-Wrath

Hot cocoa Toori [Winter icon]


15 January 2015 at 15:17:58 MST

Totally forgot to post this here xD

Fullshade/painted icon-Headshot piece comissioned by
For the lovely as a giftie nwn

I hope you like it hun! I hope both of you like it >.< thank you so much for your patience!! Idk if you preffer chocolate, tea or coffee xD but what ever! hahaha

I can not tell you how much I ADORE you Toori ... and seems like palace too ¬w¬ we love chu <3 and well enjoy this giftie from her <3

ok finally finished this nwn ... going to work on a booty today

maybe I'll work on that daily for some days to get rid of that list .. no lies with me I'm sorry for all the time arting is taking me I can't wait to settle up in my new place so I can go back to freaking normal x3 ..

I love you all

Art by ME
Toori is [this is her personal fursona so this is her! don't use please]

: Do not post, use edit or whatever the hell cross for your head, this is for Toori personal use ONLY :

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