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Town of Salem! (fan art with my characters) by mw-artistic-cub (critique requested)

Town of Salem! (fan art with my characters) (critique requested)


25 April 2015 at 22:37:57 MDT

All Characters&Art (c) Me

Town of Salem (c) Town of Salem

All together, this took about 24 hours total (had I not taken any breaks) to sketch, line/color, and shade

  • Mikey ~ Arsonist
  • Hip ~ Mayor
  • Mirru ~ Amnesiac
  • Truffle and Dota ~ Witch
  • Sprinkle Sprite ~ Jester
  • Flare Frost ~ Serial Killer
  • Zeelo ~ Godfather
  • Skitt ~ Framer
  • Nalon ~ Spy

If you play and want to play with me, my name is MikeyMoo! I add everyone c: