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Michael and Amanda, Chapter 34 by MviluUatusun

Michael and Amanda, Chapter 34


8 November 2020 at 14:40:18 MST

It's the Monday after Michael and Amanda return from their computer purchasing trip to Jaguarville. Michael, Amanda, Wanda, Bertha, and Michelle are all awakening and getting ready for another week at work. Each has his/her own thoughts about recent events in their lives and one in particular had some soul-searching to do.

At work, at the weekly meeting with Mr. Blaidd, Michael explains the new computer system that was decided upon. He explains the advantages of each aspect of the system and convinces Mr. Blaidd and Mr. Schimpanse that he made the correct decision.

Later that day, Amanda meets Michael for their daily lunch date and Wanda appears outside of Michael's office door. After being bidden to enter, she tells Michael something that she believes he should hear. Michael appreciates what she says and thanks her.