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There's No Way, Chapter 8 by MviluUatusun (critique requested)

There's No Way, Chapter 8 (critique requested)


2 August 2020 at 07:11:40 MDT

It's been a week since Michael started his job as the CIT manager of SoGa Industries. Despite interruptions by Bertha, Amanda asks to join him for lunch telling him that she eats alone. When Amanda arrives for lunch, Michael needs two chairs and makes a discovery that bothers him. After lunch, Amanda tells her co-workers about the discovery and Mr. Blaidd hears what she says. He asks her to have Michael come to his office and tell him. Meanwhile, Michael speaks with Miss Diao about his discovery and sees that she's distraught about it. After speaking with Miss Diao, Michael goes to Mr. Blaidd's office and they discuss the discovery with Mr. Blaidd making an important decision.