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Wanda Anaguma by MviluUatusun

Wanda Anaguma


Wanda Anaguma is one of the secretaries to the officers of SoGa Industries and is a good friend of Amanda Fuchs. She is a 35 year old full badger.

She's been married and divorced twice. Her first husband was an American badger named Thomas.It was because of a fantasy that Thomas had that she realized that she's also interested in women. She eventually divorced Thomas when she discovered that he was cheating on her with the wolverine woman that he convinced her to experiment with.

Her second husband was a skunk named Mark. When he found out about her bisexuality, he convinced her to invite one of her girlfriends to join them in bed. He eventually divorced her when he decided that she had deceived him concerning her sexual orientation. Each of her husbands fathered a son with her and they are the most important things in her life.

She is in a semi-relationship with a co-worker, Bertha Karhu. Even though she considers herself bisexual, she describes herself as being a "male-oriented bisexual woman". When she's asked about this, she says, "What I mean is, if I have the choice of an attractive man or an equally attractive woman, I'll always choose the man."

She's interested in Robert Veverica, a full chipmunk. When Michael Thomson learns about this, he laughs and says that in the time he was growing up, badgers and chipmunks weren't on friendly terms, in fact, they were mortal enemies.

Wanda is 5'6" tall and weighs 150 lbs. Her measurements are 36D-25-37. She has light brown eyes. Except for whoever shared her bed the previous night, nobody knows for certain what color her hair is because she wears a different wig every day. She still considers herself sexy, attractive and desirable. As a result of this opinion, she's known to dress as sexily as she can whenever she goes out.

This drawing was a commission from Coy Powers ( He draws the web comic "Sunshine".