The Dooktor's Props by Mustel

The Dooktor's Props


17 March 2016 at 18:59:07 MDT

"Would you care for a Jelly Baby?"

Here we see a couple of the props for the costume -- the K-9 remote control toy dog, and genuine Jelly Babies. Both were imported from the UK. Other props not shown here are the sonic screwdriver and psychic paper.

...and before anyone starts griping about how the 4th doctor never had psychic paper, he's actually had it since his 2nd incarnation. True, in the time between the 2nd and 9th doctors he didn't really use it, but he's had it all that time, no doubt stored away somewhere on the TARDIS. :P

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    OMG!!! This is awesome. Do you go to any cons? I would love to get a pic some time, as I have my character, TARDIS Kitty <3

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      I love going to cons, but lately I only have time and money to attend FurPocalypse each year in CT. I love your fursuit too! Ah, TARDIS. So unique, so full of character and quirks. Just like your doctor. :)

      By the way, I have regenerated since the time of this photo. Now I look like this:

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        Ah! Very cool regeneration! I know how cons can drain a bank account, for sure. But, if it's in the realm of possibility, you should check out L.I.Who, a doctor Who con in NY ( Sylvester McCoy is a guest this year, so it would be awesome.

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          eyes go wide My god...I MUST DO THIS. O.O

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            WHoo!! :) I've been the last 3 years, it's pretty amazing.

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              Are they furry-friendly?

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                I'd say yes. I've suited as TARDIS Kitty every year and she's kind of a staple now. I got introduced to Paul McGann last year and Carol Ann Ford petted me. ;P I've met a few other furries there too. One is even making a 'bad wolf' themed suit for net year. So I think I MADE it furry friendly lol.

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                  That's awesome! I can't wait ^.^