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Ignoring the Signs - Teaser by Munkus69

Ignoring the Signs - Teaser



What happens, if a Weeb, a Kyle, a Karen, a Naruto Runner and a Normie manage to get into the well protected Alien facility despite all odds?

Aliens, that's what happens to you.

Five furs learn this lesson the hard way after the break-in into the well-guarded, but ancient and rather famous alien facility - which I have obviously never heard of and of course therefore cannot name it, but it's basically the "You know who" of alien holdings and sightings, isn't it?

This is a teaser to the mini CYOA story where you can find out yourself what happens to the furs after they have ignored all the warning signs. By clicking on their names to follow their paths to their respective chapters and eventually toward the end.

Not everyone ends up as alien munchies, but... (rather bright flash of light appears, a figure in a dark suit and sunglasses steps forth)

"Dear Sir, Madam, Neuter. There are no aliens, you have never heard of area 51 and there is definitely no book available under the link
You just walk back home and enjoy your day. Oh and you have never seen a black cat jumping out of a circle of rings before. Especially not on a yellow background. Just walk away and have a good day."

This is a sort of funny, completely over-the-top story about the ridiculous event about to take place. With five types of people that are supposed to take place in the event and how they end up after.

Now, four days early, you have this story to get you into the mood. Or out of it. Or into a totally different mood altogether. Who knows?
Have fun either way.


Warning: contains egg-laying. And the book is definitely not for minors.

If you like it, support me on Patreon, where this book was available 1 month early and the CYOA game gets regular updates: