Now Streaming, and Now on Ko-Fi! by MuneSol

Now Streaming, and Now on Ko-Fi!


9 December 2018 at 15:25:46 MST

Me as a slime enjoying some Nuka Cola - mainly because I can't have caffiene and don't like coffee in general. So here is me drinking something else.

Also for some reason I'm obsessed with Nuka Cola. So... yeah, go figure.

But anyways, on to news - I have been rather sick as of late, and because of that I missed a good amount of work. Any help is appreciated in getting this completed. Thanks for your help and consideration!

If you want art in order to support the artist, feel free to get a commission at this link -
Or if you just wanna be a rabat, for $15, go here:
Muff Muffins are still available for $10 here:

Still need to fix my queue list, but you can see  as they stand here:

Or if you just want to donate to the cause of, well, artist life, the link is here:

Or if you just want to give me a quick tip, I am also on Ko-Fi

Feel free to come watch me art at

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