Help needed, now streaming. by MuneSol

Help needed, now streaming.


13 September 2018 at 13:51:01 MDT

A character based off of me for a concept of a mideval fantasy call center comic idea. I still want to draw a comic, even though I have no time for it... well, maybe I'm a bit delusional. Anyways, I am on to try and get funds for the week since my paycheck was cut in half, and to hopefully get my computer replaced, as the CPU is slowly getting worse and worse to work with. Help is needed, and appreciated.

If you want art in order to support the artist, feel free to get a commission at this link -
Or if you just wanna be a rabat, for $15, go here:
Muff Muffins are still available for $10 here:
Still need to fix my queue list, but you can see  as they stand here:
Needing help with computer replacement as well, you can donate funds here to help out with the situation:
Or if you just want to donate to the cause of, well, artist life, the link is here:

Feel free to come watch me art at

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