Funds for a Birthday Tablet by MuneSol

Funds for a Birthday Tablet


11 May 2018 at 07:55:15 MDT</a
Thanks to a suggestion from my friends, I'm collecting to get a portable tablet to do art away from home, for my birthday. My current setup is extremely basic, it has no pressure sensitivity and the stylus it requires is so thick that it is incredibly inaccurate, so anything I draw in it has to be in extreme closeup. I can't even use it for proper sketching while I am away from home - the sketch I used for this picture I had to do while on my home PC.

I would like to get this so I can do SFW art while away from home, using an art program, as I am much better at that. If you feel that you'd like to help out with this, or just drop me a bit of something for my Birthday on June 1st, feel free to visit the link above.

For those who want to see what I'd like to get, it's linked below - I'm hoping to get the tablet, and a protective case.</a
Anyways, thank you for your patience, and I hope everybody has a wonderful day.

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