'Cake' by MunchyPaws




16 May 2015 at 05:58:21 MDT

For my voice class this semester, we were required to create some sort of a chord progression, and sing a melody line on top of it. This is for another student to harmonize on top of it as an assignment. Keep in mind that this is a mix, so the levels aren't exactly that loud haha.

The version I turned in is much different than this one (for the sake of the assignment). I changed up the arrangement a bit to make it a bit... acceptable haha.

All the instruments were done by myself:
Electric Guitar (recorded Direct In), Bass Guitar, Egg Shaker, Finger Snaps, and the Vocal Melody

Music Equipment Used: PRS Tremonti SE, Zoom G1, Shure SM58, Mbox 2 Mini, Ibanez Bass Guitar, Egg Shaker
DAW Used: Pro Tools

Music © MunchyPaws